PREP STATIONS For Automotive Auto Shops

  •  Fresh air or heated prep station for automotive spray painting and spot repair
  • Free-span structure for ease of movement in paint work area of prep station
  • High volume air movement for over paint spray removal and rapid drying of primer and paint
  • Convenient work spray prep station for all application processes of paint booths
  • Various prep booth station dimensions to accommodate any size shop or business
  • Auto body painting prep stations for efficiency and clean work area


  • Prep station are like a spray booth but are an open face booth to provide clean areas for the prep work required in painting and priming for detailed work. Prep open face booths are available in all sizes of structures to build for your custom requirements.
  • Prep station is like a booth but used for painting, primer, sanding, sealer, cleaning, hanging body parts, prime new parts and final sanding and sealing of the car. The paint spray prep station booth is for final paint color and clear coat that go on last in the spray booth.
  • Prep stations provide the same function as a spray booth, just with a different intent and use. The prep station is used in the automotive market, the prep work is done on a car before it goes into the spray booth. The booth remains open or free so work does not clog up in the paint shop.

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